Previous Clients and Types of Translations

Included among our previous clients are:

Nisshin City Office
Nisshin International Association
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota City Concert Hall
Toyota City Municipal Museum of Art
Toyota City Office, Mayor's Secretarial Division
Toyota International Association
Toyota Tomei Lions Club
Toyota Urban Transport Research Institute

Types of Translations: Our translation and proofreading assignments have included work for city governments (administrative structure, foreign correspondence, public announcements, newsletters, official documents, streets signs, web sites), private corporations (company brochures and advertisements, restaurant menus, users manuals), museums (exhibition-related materials such as catalogs, artists' resumes, translations of names of artworks), art-related books (ikebana, pottery, paper-making), personal correspondence and literary texts (prose and poetry). We also do careful proofreading and re-writing of scholarly books and manuscripts for publication and/or presentation, including those relating to the fields of Medieval English, substance identification for food analyses, minimal exercise requirements for cardiac benefit, etc.

We offer accurate translations in most fields, except those requiring highly specialized or technical language. We can work via email using MS Word or Pages and can do simple d.t.p.
For work requests and estimates, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!