It's what we do and what we do best! Of course, we also translate from English to Japanese, if this is what you need. And we pride ourselves on our expert proofreading and rewriting. We aim for accuracy of meaning and readability. We believe that no matter what message you want to convey to your audience, appropriate and effective language can be found to express the very same message in the target language.This goal cannot yet be achieved by computerized translation! The human factor--namely, the combination of linguistic knowledge, excellent writing skills and wide general knowledge--is essential for choosing just the right words and the right way to put them together to make an accurate and effective translation. It is just this human factor and our 30+ years of experience that we bring to our work that makes us good translators.

We are waiting to build the language bridge that will help your message cross over to the audience waiting on the other side...

Harold Slovic and Yasue Kambe Slovic, Translators